Records tumble at Janmac’s 40th Anniversary Sale

By Janine Elen – Outriders Media (for Superior Selections)

A record highest average to date, substantially up from the previous year, plus a total clearance of all lots offered were the outstanding highlights at the Hausler family’s 40th Anniversary and 15th Annual Production sale from their Poll Dorset and White Suffolk studs at Goroke last Wednesday (2nd Oct).

Spurred on by a buoyant prime lamb market, a packed gallery, which filled early with buyers and spectators who had travelled from around the region, including from across the South Australian border, were buzzing with anticipation as the sale started.

The crowd included 55 registered bidders, with a good mix of long-term clients and new faces. Pre-sale inspections highlighted the depth of quality and evenness of type in the drafts of rams on offer from both breeds.

Bidding began boldly from the start with 20 elite Poll Dorset stud rams selling to the sale top of $5500 and averaging $2940, these setting the pace for the remainder of the auction. Potential buyers showed they were willing to bid up and spend well for the superior genetics on offer, right through to the fall of the last hammer. 

The elite Poll Dorset stud rams were sold individually, with the first five all sired by the exciting new stud sire, Kurralea 160234 that was purchased in conjunction with the Ulandi Park stud, SA in 2017 for $15,000.

Topping the sale at $5500 was Lot 2, Janmac 180027, snapped up Charlie Koch, Tallegeira Pastoral Co, Frances for his Poll Dorset stud.  Paying only slightly under at $5400, the second highest priced ram, Janmac 180446 by Ulandi Park 160141 at lot 10, was bought by long term repeat client Brian Kester & family, Appleton Park, Benayeo. Ric Foster, Haven Park was another astute repeat client who took home an impressive spring drop ram, Janmac 180837 by Ulandi Park 150376 at Lot 23 for $2,400.

Darryl Hobbs, Douglas also bid strongly and successfully in picking up Lot 3, Janmac 180058 for $5,000, as did Ian and Hazel Sutherland, Deloraine Downs Poll Dorsets, Coleraine who paid $4,800 for their new stud sire, Janmac 180024 at Lot 4, this ram having a 49mm eye muscle reading.

Leading the large volume buyers’ group of successful purchasers was long term repeat clients, the Brook Family from Goroke, taking home 16 rams, a combination of 13 Poll Dorset and 3 White Suffolk, paying to $1700 and averaging $1587.

Overall, ten Poll Dorset rams went to ram breeding flocks which is a significant result for the hausler family.

Other strong volume bidders picking up more than 10 rams on the day included the Robinson family, Edenhope, with 14 Poll Dorset rams to $1700, at an average of $1600; and the Jones family, Frances with 13 rams, 3 White Suffolk and 10 Poll Dorset, to a top of $2200 and average of $1885.  

12 Poll Dorset rams were successfully purchased by the Donaldson family, to $1800 and averaging $1675, while long-time supporters for 40 years, the Rich family from Goroke took home 9 Poll Dorsets and 2 White Suffolks, paying to $1700 and averaging $1582.

Speaking after the sale, Stephen Rich stated his family bought Janmac rams for their outstanding quality.

“These rams have good composition and body structure and when we sell their progeny, we make a good profit,” he said. 

Craig Rich added, “Lambs produced with Janmac genetics consistently get outstanding results at market”

Rounding out the bigger volume buyers, there were eight more successful bidders who bought well, taking home between 6 to 19 rams each.

Speaking after the sale, stud co-principal Grant Hausler was delighted with the sale result and the support the family received in celebrating 40 years of stud breeding at Janmac. 

“As one of the larger single vendor ram sales in the region the average achieved here today would be up there amongst the highest averages in the state.  The industry is in great shape and the sale results are a sign of this,” Grant said.

Janmac continues to invest in top end genetics and recently added more depth to the stud’s Poll Dorset sires’ list when they purchased the top Poll Dorset ram, Mallee Park ‘Goose’ 180036 for $17,000 in conjunction with the Kurralea stud, NSW. This ram was the supreme Poll Dorset exhibit at the recent Melbourne Royal Show.

They also added a top Mertex White Suffolk ram at the Adelaide Elite Sale for $8,500 in September.

Grant Hausler said, “We are very happy with how the White Suffolks are coming along and developing nicely, as they give our clients a quality alternative as we strive to meet their requirements”.

 “Our rams cater for all clientele and overall, we’re thrilled with the support from both existing and new clients. The family really appreciates the support from all buyers today and we are looking to the future with confidence,” Grant Hausler added.

“An outstanding sale result for the Hauslers” was how co-auctioneer, Richard Miller, Landmark Stud Stock SA summarised the sale.

 “There was amazing competition all day and I can’t recall a sale that went this way for terminal sire breeds for some time”.  

“Janmac rams are so adaptable with suitability to all markets; and the depth and quality of the rams offered in the sale was shown with the strong competition in bidding for stud rams to repeat buyers.  Breeders are re-investing, with record pricing for prime lambs, plus a good season lifting their confidence” added Mr Miller.

David Hanel, Rodwells Edenhope said it was pleasing to see prospective new purchasers looking at the quality of the Janmac rams.

 “That average and the hundred percent clearance achieved is a testament to the quality of breeding and sires that have been purchased by Janmac”.

“It was also pleasing to see repeat buyers being able to secure their requirements, even with an increase in the average”, Mr Hanel added.

The sale was conducted by auctioneers, Richard Miller, Landmark Stud Stock SA, and Dale Dridan, Rodwells Horsham.