Photography is a universal language and a photograph talks to anyone in the world, whatever their language. Photographs mean something different to every viewer, but capturing ‘Moments in Time’ is our passion.

This encompasses client needs, important personal events, or just sharing great scenes with you from our travels.

From our Superior Selections’ client perspective, capturing your important business successes is an important component of the range of services we offer. In promotions, a picture can certainly tell a thousand words, and capturing good & powerful photos that can be used to promote your business is an important part of our service.

We also provide coverage of major events in your life, such as shows, field days, sales, meetings, award presentations, weddings, birthday celebrations and other milestones.

Very few photographers in this country are competent at the important task of stand-up livestock photography, whether for promotional purposes, or just remembering special achievements. Taught by the doyen of Australian livestock photographers, Max Stephens, Ian Turner offers you such a service.

As Ian travels he makes the most of opportunities to catch the action at those 'special moments in time' that mean so much to you.

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