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We can assist clients with a range of marketing advice & services

A lifetime of experience and expertise in livestock breeding of most species allows us to offer a range of selection and buying services

As Ian travels he makes the most of opportunities to catch the action at general events such as shows, sales field days ; or those 'special moments in time' that mean so much to the individuals concerned.

Turn it Up is the Superior Selections blog. It will have regular updates of the latest experiences, observations and opinion pieces that Ian has written in the past or the present day.

Ian & Wendy Turner

 With many years of experience as a farm manager, livestock producer, journalist and photographer, Ian Turner along with his wife Wendy now offer a wide range of marketing and promotional services to predominantly rural based clients in Australia and New Zealand:

  • public relations
  • marketing
  • publishing
  • freelance journalism and photography
  • livestock consultancy